Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sampler of old Midwestern trains

Here's an interesting sampling of old trains from around the Midwest:

The video starts with a train headed by one of the Milwaukee Road's F7 locomotives, the second-generation engines for the Hiawatha to the Twin Cities. The F7 is a contender for the fastest steam locomotive ever built, as it apparently reached a top speed of 125 mph. Unfortunately, any official records of such a run that might have existed have been lost to history. It was much more powerful than the previous Class A locomotive, which is known to have reached 112.5 mph in testing.

About 50 seconds into the video is a brief clip of a Chicago & North Western 400 train, and there are a few shots of various Burlington Zehpyrs.

I'm considering purchasing some of the videos being advertised here by Herron Rail Video. Each volume runs $39.95, though they also have a specific Trains at Speed! video for $29.95 which focuses on fast trains of the past.

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