Monday, April 9, 2012

Free the free bikes!


Don't go to groundbreaking ceremonies. They're just there to have elected officials pat themselves on the back, and people hardly ever break actual ground anymore—most events just involve tossing around some sand or dirt that got trucked in for the occasion.

I forgot about that enough to actually go up to the groundbreaking for the Northstar station in Ramsey. I guess I expected the train to show up for it, but no such luck (well, I was late, so maybe it came and went). Still, I got a chance to take a few shots in the area, and my interest did get drawn by the nice set of bikes they have in their "bicycle library."

The bikes are free to rent, although you have to rent them during regular business hours, and they must be returned by 4:30 PM. You're also required to sign a liability waiver and show a photo ID. I don't quite know how many bikes they have available (it might just be these 7), but it's an option for getting around town if you can visit on a weekday.

Oh, and they also rent canoes and kayaks (not seen here).


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  1. I didn't know Ramsey rented bikes.. neat, although, I can't imagine who would rent them...